8 Reasons to Hire A Professional Organizer

The secret to staying organized is actually simple - if you have the right systems in place, staying on top of the clutter is a manageable task. The problem most people have with doing it themselves is that they feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. To succeed at STAYING organized you have to put in the time and energy in GETTING organized the correct way.

It’s OK to ask for help (and will save you time and aggravation). We love this list of 8 Compelling Reasons to Hire A Professional Organizer that Personal Income posted on their website.


Q & A with The Happy Space founders Jordan Moore + Courtney Lewis

Opening The Happy Space was a natural progression for Jordan Moore & Courtney Lewis.  The two friends have been working with each other for close to a decade and during that time have headed numerous successful events together.  When they are working on any project, their brainstorming sessions are full of creativity, collaboration and a whole lot of laughter.  Courtney and Jordan love spending time together...and luckily they agree on almost everything (with the exception of music, email deleting and turtlenecks).


Jordan Moore

Favorite ’90s jam to sing in the car: “What’s Up?” by the Four Non Blondes

Favorite thing to organize: pantries and playrooms.

Ice cream flavor: chocolate chip on a cake cone

Tattoos: 5

Kids & Pets: Asher, 11, Max, 8, Archie the terrier & Ruby the cat.

Perfect Saturday: sweats, coffee, bed.

What items in your closet do you wear the most? That would be my uniform - tank, jeans, Vans


Courtney Lewis

Favorite ’90s jam to sing in the car:
"Shoop" or Prince.

Favorite thing to organize: refrigerators & playrooms.

Ice cream flavor: strawberry.

Tattoos: 1

Kids & Pets: Dylan, 11, Tyler 8, and Indy the dog.

Perfect Saturday: workout, beach, movie.

What items in your closet do you wear the most? combo of boho dresses, denim, and leopard print.