For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.
— Benjamin Franklin

The Happy Space is a Los Angeles based lifestyle and organizational company. We believe in simplicity and down-to-earth solutions that the entire family will benefit from. 

Our philosophy is that an organized and clutter-free home changes the lives of the people living under its roof.  When order is created, it frees up time for creativity, productivity, relaxation, and quality time with loved ones.

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Does your space make you happy?

It's easy to overlook how much impact a cluttered home or office has on daily life. Maybe you buy too much when you shop because you don't know what you have. Or perhaps you can't focus on work you should be doing because you are constantly straightening and searching through the piles on your counter. Do you waste food because your refrigerator isn't organized and you have no idea what's in it?

These frustrations weigh us down, but luckily the solution is simple. Evaluating what you have, re-organizing and strategizing space can absolutely change the quality of your life. The Happy Space is proud to partner with you in this endeavor - learn more about our services here.



Our team has been busy creating happy spaces and systems all over Southern California. See our recent work here.

Reorganizing our kitchen has seriously been life changing!!
My husband and I are loving it, and the kids are in heaven too - they love being able to get their own snacks.
Thank you!
— Los Angeles client